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IDEAL DENTISTRY TM was established in January 2012 in Vadodara with a view in mind to provide quality treatment protocols to the patient as well as to educate them. IDEAL DENTISTRY TM is equipped with latest tools and equipment for better efficiency of treatment, thereby raising the bar and standard of Dentistry. The main aim of our team is to provide quality treatment with better patient satisfaction and comfort.



IDEAL DENTISTRY TM is equipped with dental operating Microscope used in endodontics, Re- Treatment, surgery, periodontics and other procedures that require accuracy and precision. Re- Treatment of previously failed root canals is now possible, which gives patients the benefit of saving a natural tooth as opposed to artificial prosthesis.

1. Allows surgeon to minimize the size of the surgical site, reducing patient discomfort and healing time.
2. Improves accuracy of microsurgical incisions and suturing with 6-0 through 8-0 sutures, permitting precise tissue/tissue and tissue/tooth approximation for primary would healing.
3. Improved lighting and magnification aid in locating additional canals.
4. Aids in retreatment of broken instruments.
5. Improves ability to thoroughly clean prepared canals.
6. Accurate depth of retro-prep extension can be more easily assessed.
7. Permits micro-level osseous surgery facilitating bone removal without nicking the root surface and allows for better periodontal ligament preservation during ostectomy.


Digital equipment allows to take dental x-ray with high resolution and clearity in less than a minute. This eliminates labourious procedure of developing an X-ray film in the dark room. Patients will be ble to see the x-ray on the screen immediately.


X-mind DC is a high end direct current x-ray machine that reduces the radiation dose to almost neglible to both dentist as well as the patient. This assures safety radiation measures during the procedure. It generates a high 70KV Voltage with an ideal intensity of 8mA, producing a high density radiation in a very small diameter focal spot for greater accuracy.


Very thin precise incision
Soft tissue preservation
Good haemostasis
Reduced post operative pain
Rapid healing


This allows precise and faster cleaning of stains, tartar and calculus in those areas that are inaccessible, thereby carrying out cleaning procedures without any discomfort to the patient.


STE 18L-A(N) standard autoclave for proper sterilization of instruments and prevention of cross contamination.

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